What Is Laser Dentistry?

laser dentistry in Shippensburg, PennsylvaniaDentistry has benefited in many ways from the many advances in the use of technology to treat both cosmetic and restorative dental problems. From higher quality ceramics with advanced adhesive properties to the use of lasers to treat a range of concerns, patients visiting the dentist today enjoy more options and a better experience overall.

Dr. Sisler has incorporated some of the latest technology into our Shippensburg dental practice. He offers laser dentistry to treat gum disease, cosmetic periodontal concerns and a range of other problems. Dental lasers deliver heat energy using light, which can be used on both hard and soft tissue to harden it or remove it, kill bacteria and stimulate the body’s healing process for shorter recovery periods. Lasers minimize swelling, bleeding and pain by stimulating natural blood clotting in the treated area and reducing the impact of treatment on surrounding tissues. The risk of a post-treatment infection is also greatly reduced due to the ability of the dental laser to kill bacteria with its light generated heat. Patients can often undergo a procedure with either a local or no anesthetic.

For patients who have anxiety when visiting the dentist, laser dentistry can offer a less stressful experience. Procedures to treat the gums or soft tissues can be shorter, less invasive and more efficient using a laser. Dr. Sisler will discuss your treatment options and what you can expect during a consultation.

What Can Laser Dentistry Treat?

Dental lasers can be used in a variety of ways. A laser is often used to cure a composite dental filling or restoration – the light generated heat hardens the material and creates a lasting seal. A hard tissue laser can be used to remove tooth structure before placing a filling, crown or veneer with improved precision and less discomfort.

Dr. Sisler can treat advanced gum disease and cosmetic concerns related to the shape of your gums using a soft tissue laser. Patients with a “gummy smile” can receive a smile makeover with laser dentistry that will transform their appearance while improving overall dental health. A dental laser can also be used for tongue ties and lip ties, even in babies.

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