For Dentists

Dr. Sisler offers CE courses for dentists and dental health professionals that focus on cosmetic dentistry, the patient experience, and the use of digital photography. A leading dentist locally and nationally for delivering excellence in both care and results, Dr. Sisler is passionate about teaching like-minded colleagues. Dr. Sisler is an Associate Faculty Member of the Dawson Academy and has advanced training in treating complex bite problems and the concepts of Complete Dentistry.

Courses are offered currently in an online format with the opportunity for private office, study club, and large venue learning in the future. Dr. Sisler is also available for speaking engagements. Contact our office to inquire about courses or to schedule a speaking event by completing the form below.

Porcelian Veneers: Exceptional Esthetics

An esthetic case begins with a photo and ends with a photo. But let’s face it, there’s a lot that goes on in between to obtain a predictable esthetic result. A rapid-fire full-day course that intends to outline the esthetic case process for a dentist to be able to Design, Develop, and Deliver a beautiful smile. Then being able to put that process on REPEAT through the use of stellar photography and social media marketing. Attendees will expand their knowledge and more importantly their vision from the first photo all the way to the final photoshoot for an exceptional social media post.

Smile Design: Video & Photography

Have you ever had a patient say this, ”I just want a natural-looking smile?” What does that even mean?!

Balancing a patient’s wants and desires with the parameters of smile design and function can be a daunting task for any clinician. One of the key components in talking smile design is to create a vision to help the patient envision what’s possible. This could be through the use of Photoshop, an iPad, or a Smile Design App. In doing so, the patient now has the ability to connect with a potential outcome so that their needs become their wants? This creates less tension in the treatment plan and improves acceptance.