Missing Teeth Shippensburg, PA

Missing teeth can have a multi faceted impact on your physical well being, affecting everything from oral health to self confidence. Dr. Sisler offers treatment options for replacing missing and lost teeth that can be customized to your unique needs, goals and budget. The earlier you address missing teeth, the more options there are for restoring function and beauty to your smile. Left untreated, missing teeth can set off a cascade of dental problems that will affect your remaining teeth as well as the health of the gums.

Dr. Sisler is a highly trained and experienced restorative and cosmetic dentist who takes the time to work with patients on an individual basis when restoring missing teeth. He uses advanced technology and digital photography in the treatment planning stage to lay the foundation for a beautiful, comfortable and lasting result that will improve your dental health and give you back your quality of life. Modern dentistry has revolutionized tooth replacement and patients now enjoy both a range of options and a level of quality that can look and feel like natural teeth.

Tooth Replacement in Shippensburg

Dr. Sisler will meet with you to evaluate your oral health condition and discuss your concerns and goals for restoring your smile. Recommended treatment will depend on your needs, the health of your jaw bone structure and your cosmetic goals. Whenever possible, Dr. Sisler will recommend the use of dental implants to replace a missing tooth or secure a new restoration for the most stable result. Dental implants will provide a life-like tooth replacement or stabilize a dental bridge or denture for a new smile that will allow you to enjoy the freedom to eat what you want and speak clearly- without worrying about your teeth “falling out”.

Treatment options can include:

  • Dental bridge: a custom dental bridge can replace one or several consecutive missing teeth. Dr. Sisler will often recommend using dental implants to anchor the bridge, but healthy neighboring teeth can also be used.
  • Dentures: when an entire arch or all of your teeth are missing, a denture can be custom made to blend with your natural appearance. When secured with dental implants in a process called All-On-Four®, your new denture will give you back the ability to smile confidently and enjoy a varied, healthy diet.
  • Dental implants: providing the best possible tooth replacement option, dental implants can also provide key benefits for long term dental health.

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