Restorative Dentistry Shippensburg, PA

Missing and damaged teeth can be replaced and repaired through restorative dentistry, giving you back a beautiful and functional smile. Dr. Zachary Sisler provides experienced care for restoring your smile in Shippensburg, PA. Using advanced technology and the latest techniques, Dr. Sisler works with patients on an individual basis to achieve lasting dental health through quality dental restorations and natural looking aesthetics.

Solutions for Missing Teeth in Shippensburg

The prompt replacement of missing teeth is important and can help you to avoid the development of more complex dental concerns, some of which can limit your treatment options. Dr. Sisler will evaluate your overall dental health and can work with you to find the most suitable tooth replacement option for your needs, cosmetic goals and budget.

We offer the latest in tooth replacement options and Dr. Sisler uses digital technology as part of your treatment planning to ensure that your result not only feels good- it looks good too.

Repairing Damaged Teeth

When a tooth becomes chipped, cracked or a piece has broken off, it is important to address it as soon as possible to avoid further damage or tooth loss. Dr. Sisler can repair tooth damage and takes a comprehensive approach for a result that will blend beautifully with your natural smile.

Schedule An Appointment

If you have missing or damaged teeth, schedule a visit with Dr. Sisler in our Shippensburg dentist office. Restoring your dental health can improve your self confidence and support long term health and well-being. Contact us at (717) 532-8740 or request an appointment online.