Dental Fillings Shippensburg, PA

Dental Fillings An Overview

Dental fillings are often used to repair teeth that have been damaged due to decay, chips, or cracks. Dr. Zachary Sisler uses high-quality ceramic materials to make sure patients leave with a natural looking, functional and healthy smile.

Dr. Sisler is a graduate of The Dawson Academy, which focuses on a comprehensive approach to dental care for the best results and a fully functional smile. Dr.Sisler incorporates his training into his Shippensburg, PA dentist office to make sure patients receive high-quality treatment and can feel confident in the integrity of their dental care.

Dental fillings will protect your teeth over time. For a more aesthetically pleasing look, Dr. Sisler recommends white or resin dental fillings. White, or resin dental fillings also provide a durable solution that prevents future infection.

Due to advancements in dental technology, Dr. Sisler may suggest that patients with old metal fillings replace them with a new, natural colored filling. Metal fillings, especially ones in the “smile-zone” can be noticeable and even embarrassing. Dr.Sisler can replace metal fillings with white, or resin fillings, which blend naturally with your existing teeth.

If the removal of metal fillings compromises the health of your teeth, Dr. Sisler may suggest an inlay or onlay, also known as a partial dental crown, to help strengthen the tooth.

Types of Dental Fillings

  • Porcelain dental fillings: custom made to match naturally with the tooth. Made of high quality ceramic material, this type of filling is highly durable and recommended for larger teeth.
  • Resin Dental Fillings: are made from biocompatible composite resin, which can be applied directly to the tooth. Dr. Sisler often uses resin dental filling and composite bonding for patients with minor tooth decay or damage.

Dental Fillings What to Expect

Dr.Sisler knows that some patients may have anxiety about visiting the dentist. Dr. Sisler will take the time to address your fear of the dentist to help make your dental filling procedure easier. Dr. Sisler uses high-quality materials and dental techniques to make sure patients are happy, comfortable, and well informed throughout the process.

After an initial discussion with Dr.Sisler, a local anesthetic will be applied to the tooth to numb the area. Patients should experience little to no feeling in the affected area after the application of the anesthetic. The decay will carefully and gently be removed from the tooth. Once the tooth is cleaned, Dr.Sisler will mold the white, or resin filling into place, and cured with a special light. Once the new filling is placed, the tooth is then polished, leaving patients with a bright, healthy and functional smile.

Dr. Zachary S. Sisler, DDS, AAACD

Why choose Dr. Zachary S. Sisler, DDS, AAACD?

Dr. Sisler places great emphasis on the prevention of disease through individualized care that is tailored to your unique smile. As a team, we want you to enjoy the benefits for overall quality of life that good dental health can provide.

We welcome patients from many local communities to our Shippensburg dentist office. Dr. Sisler and our team look forward to meeting new patients and helping them maintain or restore the smile they desire.

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