Laser Dentistry Shippensburg, PA

The use of advanced technology has greatly enhanced the patient experience in dentistry, providing greater accuracy and longer lasting results that are achieved with less pain. Dr. Zachary has incorporated some of the latest dental technology into our Shippensburg, PA dentist office, including laser dentistry.

Dental lasers can enable us to perform many treatments that may have previously required an oral surgeon. Dr. Sisler uses a dental soft tissue laser to address the effects of gum disease and restore gum health with less pain and greater accuracy.

Gum Contouring in Shippensburg

In addition to treating periodontal disease, laser dentistry can be used to re-contour the gums for improved aesthetics, and often improved oral health. If you have a “gummy smile” that affects your overall appearance, a gum lift procedure using the soft tissue laser can give you a more uniform gum line and expose more tooth surface for a beautiful new smile.

There are several other dental concerns that can be more effectively and comfortably treated using a dental laser. A frenectomy can often be performed in the comfort of our Shippensburg dentist office with minimal side effects and downtime using the soft tissue dental laser.

Dr. Sisler will educate you on your treatment options for any dentistry you may need or desire. He will discuss the benefits of dental technology when it can enhance your procedure and improve your result. If laser dentistry can be used to treat your personal concerns or cosmetic goals, Dr. Sisler provides experienced care in a compassionate environment.