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Root Canal An Overview

Dr. Zachary Sisler offers a wide variety of treatments for those suffering from deep-rooted tooth decay, or severely damaged or infected teeth. One of the most efficient solutions for patients with advanced tooth decay or damage is a root canal. A root canal can save your natural tooth and help you to avoid the complex dental problems that tooth loss can present.

A misconception about root canals is that they are painful. However, Dr. Sisler uses advanced technology and high-quality materials to ensure patients are comfortable and pain-free throughout the procedure.

A root canal is a treatment that is used to save a tooth that has been damaged by tooth decay and stops any further damage that might occur if left untreated. Some patients may experience these painful symptoms indicating that they may benefit from a root canal:

  • Severe tooth pain, especially when eating or chewing
  • Prolonged tooth sensitivity, especially to hot or cold foods and drinks
  • Discoloration of the tooth
  • Soreness or tenderness to the gum surrounding the affected tooth

After a successful root canal, patients can enjoy many years of healthy smiles.

Root Canal What to Expect

Root Canal procedures are a routine procedure for the treatment of advanced tooth decay. Typically, the process can be completed in one visit. After a comprehensive exam, Dr. Sisler will decide if a more complex solution like a tooth extraction is necessary.

A local anesthetic will be administered to give patients a more relaxed experience during the root canal procedure. After the anesthetic takes effect, Dr. Sisler will remove the debris and damaged tissue from the tooth’s pulp chamber and canals. The pulp chamber and the channel are then cleaned, disinfected and sealed. Once the area heals and repairs, your tooth should function normally.

Dr. Sisler may suggest the placement of a dental crown to strengthen and support the tooth and promote a long lasting result.

Dr. Zachary S. Sisler, DDS, AAACD

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